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We want to provide information that will enable you to choose the most suitable Air Classifier & Air Separator for your project among the market leaders.

Our goal is to provide clear and objective information.

Finally, after consulting the website the visitor can have a clear idea of ​​suppliers to contact for completing his project.




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Air Classification & Airclassification.com.



* Crown: symbol of authority and the best leader in the field.


* Sun: symbol of life and Strength. The sun is his protector and makes him invincible and unpredictable. We can't look at the sun because it would burn our eye’s retina.


* Pen: symbol of knowledge.



* Many faces: symbol of visionary. With many faces, he can see the danger coming from anywhere because he has a 360% vision and he can look at the Sun. We can't look at him because the sun will blind us then we can't surprise him.



* Eternity symbol: symbol of eternity (since forever).



* Wings: symbol of will, power, influence.



* Chain: symbol of oppression, obscurantism, difficulty, unfair competition.



* Male Lion body: symbol of majesty, strength, supremacy; is the king of animals.




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